Economic Development

  • Create a Community Land Trust to develop affordable housing to counter gentrification, rising rents, property tax increases and foreclosures.

  • Attract small businesses to commercial corridors throughout the ward to stop leakage of dollars to other parts of the city.

  • Leverage partnerships with stakeholders throughout the ward to develop businesses that can provide professional services - landscaping, maintenance, heating and cooling, etc.- to local and city wide developments.

  • Advocate for the construction of South Suburban Airport in south suburbs.


  • Form partnerships between local schools and nearby community colleges to ensure students see their education doesn’t stop at the eighth grade and/or high school.

  • Prepare 20th Ward students to enter competitive workforce development programs for vocational job training and productive work skills.

  • Transform neighborhood schools into community anchors by offering classes and enrichment opportunities tailored to residents’ needs such as GED certificates, basic computer skills, tutoring, arts and games.

Community Safety

  • Support an independent community oversight board to ensure real police reform.

  • Fight to fund proven programs that treat violence as a public health issue.

  • Work with CPS and the Department of Public Health to provide mental health support and services for residents suffering from trauma and environmental pollution, such as lead

  • Work with businesses and churches to create more job opportunities for teenagers and young adults.